Slobodan Todorov

Web & Software Developer in Novi Sad/Niš, Serbia

Novi Sad · Niš · Serbia ·

Hi, I am Slobodan, a seasoned web and software developer, living and working between Novi Sad and Niš, Serbia.
I can design and build you an app, or I can fix or upgrade an existing app for you.
If you have an idea, or a problem to solve, get in touch!

Work Experience

Senior PHP Developer


Charged with maintenance and improvements of a platform for a client in fashion industry.

Lead a team that built a QA automation framework for use in all company projects.

Keywords: php, laravel, docker, mysql, sphinxsearch, redis, qa, selenium, java, maven, playwright

October 2021 - present

PHP Specialist


Member of international team engaged on maintenance and improvement of B2B and B2C portals for the company.

Keywords: php, symfony, vue.js, elasticsearch, mysql, aws, docker

November 2020 - October 2021


Rajak Internet Resources - Rajak School

Co-lecturer on a QA Software Tester course, teaching HTML/CSS fundamentals, git, and node.js (formerly C#) and Selenium WebDriver fundamentals.

Visit QA software tester website for more information.

Keywords: qa, git, c#, selenium, html, css, node.js, postman

December 2017 - Present

Senior Software Developer

PLANet Systems Group

Go-to guy for tricky tasks and tech.
Engaged in various tasks, from maintenance and improvement of a legacy CRM solution for a client, task automation using Selenium, huge data migration scripts using API's, to having a major role in a team working on an company product.

Tech stack:
Back-end: PHP (Laravel, in-house developed legacy framework), Python
Front-end: jQuery, Bootstrap, Vue.js
Services: Amazon AWS (EC2, S3), TalkDesk, Rackspace, Parature, Salesforce, Cherwell

Keywords: php, laravel, mysql, python, aws, talkdesk, salesforce, cherwell, jquery, bootstrap, selenium

March 2013 - October 2020

Senior PHP Developer


Senior PHP developer in charge of a team working with a client on a big business system, client, event and resource planning platform. In charge of development of several full features, from start to the end.

Keywords: php, mysql, javascript, jquery

February 2012 - January 2013

PHP/Web Developer

JustDot / Themes Kingdom

In charge of maintaining and improving clients e-commerce solution, as well as development of new systems for the clients internal business management.

Keywords: php, codeigniter, mysql, javascript, jquery, html, css

December 2010 - February 2012

PHP/Web Developer

Public Broadcasting Service, Radio-television of Vojvodina

Running tasks of maintance of website and server systems, database optimisations, etc.

Single-handedly designed and developed a Video-On-Demand system.
Multi-lingual interface, video ratings, commenting, H.264/AAC encoding and playback, RSS. Administration included full channel management, direct video trimming capability, comment moderation, video format conversion.

Keywords: php, mysql, perl, ffmpeg, mencoder

January 2009 - March 2011

More is available upon request



URL Shortening service

Founder, developer and administrator.

URL shortener service, written from scratch, as a „let's see if I can do it“ project. Primarily targeted at Serbian, and regional audience.

Full-blown admin panel, blacklist checking, and API functionality.

Keywords: php, mysql

January 2010 - Present


Nada Šobot, colleague, TIAC

Slobodan is a responsible and committed developer willing to help and share his wide knowledge with colleagues. As a senior developer he proved himself as a trustworthy person who conscientiously worked on his duties. He is a great team player.

Dejan Marjanović, manager, Radio-television of Vojvodina

Surprisingly diligent and dedicated worker! Skilled and task-oriented. Know how to listen but also suggest and come up with new ideas and effective solutions. Need to develop all the capabilities and potentials he's got!


Programming Languages, Tools & Tech
More than 13 years of experience developing with PHP (pure, CodeIgniter, Laravel)
Two years experience developing apps using Visual Basic, VB.NET and C#
One year experience developing Python apps (pure, Flask, Django)
Getting around with HTML, CSS, JS, jQuery, Bootstrap, TypeScript
JIRA, Axosoft, Bugzilla, Mantis, Redmine, BASH, Selenium


Secondary School of Mechanical Engineering

CNC programmer, Mechanical Engineering
1996 - 2001


Professional interests

IT field has been an interest of mine since I was 13. All the knowledge I have, I acquired by myself, spending endless nights learning and tinkering with this and that. I believe this is where my passion for solving various problems comes from. If I could choose, my ideal position would be along the lines of research and development of new technologies. Having been part of a big multi-disciplinary team (hardware, software, design, manufacture and sales), I function great within teams, but I can also fly solo, if there is need for that.

When my interest is piqued by something, I’m capable of spending endless time learning new stuff, just for the fun of it (eg. Lua for Conky, some obscure Pascal based scripting language for an IRC client, etc)

Personal interests

In my early days, I trained swimming in swimming club „Vojvodina“, and I'm currently only a recreational swimmer. Sometimes I indulge myself in extreme sports – paintball. I was a co-founder of paintball club „Vault“ from Novi Sad.

I like to read sci-fi and fantasy books, as well as watch TV shows and movies of the same genre. Also, I'm a great fan of food, preparing and eating. Kitchen is one of my favourite places to relax, preparing food. Playing computer games also helps with stress ;)

Hire me

If you have a problem you need help solving, or if you have an idea for an app - I'm up for a challenge!

I'm up for any means of cooperation, consultations, or development.

Drop me an email (, and I'll get back to you within 24 hours.